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Demetriece Langston


Meet Demetriece Langston

Originally from New York City, Demetriece Langston is a real estate broker who specializes in residential, commercial and investment real estate. While passionate about homes, design, and architecture, he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to build wealth through ownership and have a foundation of security for themselves and their families. Demetriece has lived in Colorado for 12 years and having been a licensed real estate broker for 6 years, he has seen and experienced the growth and development across the state of Colorado. He is a board member on two non-profit organizations, New Eyes Village and Queens Legacy Foundation. He also works with multiple community organizations to implement new ideas and strategies to help grow and improve communities throughout the state of Colorado. Demetriece loves the business of business, and is always looking for opportunities to build, grow and learn.

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